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Moral Maze triple act

Turning on the BBC Radio 4 fightfest The Moral Maze, not only is there the usual RCP/LM double act of Claire “Her Masters Voice” Fox and Kenan “See no RCP, hear no RCP” Malik, but the first ‘witness’ they “cross-examine” is none other than Ann Furedi, consort of the Dear Leader himself, Uncle Frank Furedi. It’s a matter of continual amazement that Radio 4 allows the sect to get away with this blatant packing of one of its flagship programmes. Has Michael Buerk been turned, one wonders? Or maybe the producer, Phil Pegum, loves the sect’s contrarianism? After all, it does make for knockabout car crash radio. It would be interesting to query the programme makers directly but since the BBC cuts all messageboards have been closed down, so there’s no line of communication to them.

See also an earlier post on the RCP/LM’s takeover of the Moral Maze. A fun read on the sect’s takeover of the Moral Maze is Nick Cohen’s Wireless: Long march to the microphone.


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The Moral Maze: a RCP/LM double act

Yep, for your listening pleasure, the Moral Maze on BBC Radio 4 now features not one but two, yes two, RCP/LM members. Joining Claire “Her Master’s Voice” Fox on the panel we now have Kenan Malik, a long-time RCP then LM stalwart. Indeed, he predates Her Master’s Voice as in the 1987 UK General Election, he stood as a candidate of the Revolutionary Communist Party in Nottingham East. There are now  two ‘panellists’ on the Moral Maze singing from the same hymn sheet, thus narrowing the range of opinions down even further.

Does it matter that the RCP/LM has colonised the programme? In one sense probably not – MM is little more than a bear-baiting session for panellists to ride hobbyhorses to death, and Fox in particular is absolutely assiduous in pushing the RCP/LM line at every opportunity. The intellectual quality of the ‘debate’ is uniformly low, as befits panellists, such as the rabidly reactionary “social commentator” Melanie Phillips, who have no understanding of moral philosophy or ethics. In another sense maybe it does matter, because for all its intellectual vacuity, MM does go out on primetime on the middle class’s house radio channel, so will have some influence on the chattering classes.

What really burns, though, isn’t that the programme producers allow them both on the show knowing full well, as just about anyone in the meedja knows, that they’re RCP to the core. They give good radio, with Fox acting the rabid pitbull and Malik the considered intellectual, a sort of RCP/LM good cop/bad cop act, and the producers only really care about ratings. It’s the sheer dishonesty of neither of them even acknowledging that they’ve been mates and comrades for over two decades that really rankles. The two act as complete strangers. This dishonesty gives the impression that they’re two independent voices, and thus they lend spurious legitimacy to each other’s views.

There are a couple of blog posts on the same theme:

Indeed, if you do a search for “Kenan Malik RCP LM” you’ll get more than enough material to keep you going for days. Do the MM producers not know how to use Google, or has the RCP/LM assimilated them also? Curious minds want to know…

A new series of the Moral Maze starts this Wednesday, 3rd June, at 8pm on R4. If you can bear the gutter-low and intellectually puerile ‘moral debate’ then it’s worth listening to the RCP’s double act, at least in the opening and closing stages, to get an idea of the current party line on the programme topic.

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