RCP/LM watch

Keeping an eye on the RCP/LM and its fronts


Welcome to RCP/LM watch, an occasional blog keeping an eye on the activities of the organisation that used to be known as the “LM Project”, and before that the Revolutionary Communist Party (UK), led by Frank Furedi (the Lenin de nos jours as he thinks of himself) and which is now highly active and influential in the UK under a wide range of front organisations, including the Institute of Ideas and Spiked Online. For a primer on this organisation, which in the UK media punches way above its weight and numbers, see the various links on this blog’s home page.

We welcome gossip, reminiscences, and happy tales of Furry Frank Furedi’s fun-filled organisation, so if you’ve had experiences of the Dear Leader’s wee movement do email rcpwatch AT gmail DOT com. The RCP, LM and its various ‘legit’ front organisations have touched many people’s lives over the years, going back to their formative days in the 1980s when they were very active in universities, so if you’re one of those people don’t be shy, get in touch. Stories which can be corroborated are particularly valuable. Alternatively, if you prefer to contact a real journalist, get in touch with George Monbiot whose love for the RCP/LM is matched only by Nigel Farage’s love of the EU. Whilst young George has no involvement with RCP Watch, we do sympathise with his dogged unearthing of the tentacular roots of this organisation.

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  1. Who’s behind RCP Watch? Strangely, these voyeurs choose to disguise their own identities.

    But if past performance is anything to go by the likely suspects are Andy Rowell (who tried to persuade us that eating GM food would disrupt our DNA) Strathclyde Sociology Professor David Miller (http://gs.strath.ac.uk/content/view/96/112/) and the wheel-chair bound proprietor of a Norwich language school Jonathan Matthews.

    Comment by Murray McDonald | February 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. I think the former RCP/LM coterie are more deserving of pity than contempt, as they’re just a bunch of attention seekers.

    The idea of self-described Marxists championing market economics isn’t that bizarre – after all, what has the Chinese Communist Party been doing for the past thirty years? Add opposition to Western interventionism, and what the Spikeys, or whatever you want to call them, advocate, could easily have come from the Chinese government. (Ever noticed the articles on Spiked Online about China-bashing?) The only difference is that the Spikeys want to ‘Make Borders History’, whereas the Chinese government doesn’t.

    Comment by polemicist | April 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. Spiked: ‘self-loathing is understated’.

    Comment by distantelephant | September 30, 2012 | Reply

  4. Interested RCP-watchers (GWPF-watchers, too) might be interested in Andrew Orlowski and his blog, The Register:


    Lots of ‘placed’ articles by names familiar to readers here.

    Comment by EWI | March 26, 2013 | Reply

    • Thanks for the pointer, EWI. The Register is usually known as an IT geek hangout, as is apparent from the site sections, but a search for ‘climate‘ picks up a lot of climate change denial articles, a good few, curiously, from ex-Navy man and self-styled expert in military affairs, Lewis Page. Orlowski himself is plainly a Right libertarian and occasionally writes for Spiked.

      Comment by rcpwatch | April 8, 2013 | Reply

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