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You can always tell a RCP/LM follower from their attitude and vocabulary. On C4 News tonight there was an item in the third part of the ‘show’ about an uncontentious Unicef report on breastfeeding [1] which estimated that the NHS might save £40m/year if more women were helped to breastfeed for longer than they do now. So far, so bland, so SFW? But then a Dr Ellie Lee from the University of Kent is wheeled on, and immediately launches into a diatribe against the report and Unicef for carrying out a “moral crusade” (a term she used at least four times) against women who choose to bottle feed. This unsurprisingly took the Unicef woman aback, and she repeated calmly if bemusedly that Unicef only recommended that women be given support in continuing to breastfeed if they so chose.

The phrase “moral crusade” rang an immediate alarm bell, as this is a favourite accusation of Clare “Her Master’s Voice” Fox. When Ellie Lee’s name popped up on screen it turns out that she’s at the University of Kent, Uncle Frank Furedi’s institution where he’s turned much of the Sociology department to RCP/LM ideology. A quick look on Wikipedia [2] for herself found the quote:

She is involved in the work of the Institute of Ideas, and is a frequent guest in debates on the BBC Radio 4 programme Woman’s Hour.

A search of Spiked brings up a few articles by Lee, and referencing her. She also appeared on the RCP/LMs favourite programme, the Moral Maze, back in November 2009 [3]. Sourcewatch [4] has her profiled as a sect member and indeed as a former contributor to LM magazine, so she’s been an acolyte of Uncle Frank for many a year, it would appear. There’s also an Institute of Ideas page on her, which has her down as “Series editor” of the RCP/LM’s main recruitment channel for fresh young blood, Debating Matters, which is crucial for the sect’s future. A name to watch as she’s young, on-message and is likely being groomed for greater things by Ann Furedi.

You can spot sect followers straight off for their contrarianism, their aggression and the use of key phrases and concepts straight from Uncle Frank’s preachings. This from a sect which aggressively advocates independent thought and freedom of speech. Do as we say, not as we do…

[1] Increase in breastfeeding could save NHS £40m a year, according to report. Guardian, 18/10/12. There was nothing about this on the C4 news site when accessed 18/10/12

[2] Ellie Lee entry in Wikipedia, accessed 18/10/12

[3] Moral Maze, 11/11/09, BBC website

[4] Ellie Lee profile, Sourcewatch, accessed 18/10/12


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  1. This is a bizarre blog. Twice yearly posts documenting media appearances, supposedly exposing the “tentacular roots” of a group of people who are entirely open about their shared political histories, run an online newspaper under verifiable bylines accompanied by photographs and run political events open to the public.

    I’m too young to have been in the RCP and, in my life, have not spoken a word to Claire, Brendon, Frank or Kenan. I disagree with quite a bit of what gets put on spiked, but it’s always worth a read. A lot of their criticisms of the left and its abandonment of 18th and 19th century principles (indeed any principle!) are spot on. Instead of writing shrill blog posts why don’t you criticise their positions with reasoned arguments. If you don’t have the political education do some reading.

    Comment by Uncle Frank's favourite nephew | October 21, 2012 | Reply

    • Frank’s Nephew, can I suggest you “do some reading” on elementary logic. Our blog host is drawing attention to Lee’s absurd non sequitur that a scientific paper reporting on the empirically observed heath benefits of breast feeding must be part of a moral crusade against bottle feeding. This is on a level of claiming that Einstein’s 1905 paper on the photoelectric effect is a moral crusade against classical (pre-quantum) physics.

      Our host has made the type of “reasoned argument” that you accuse him/her of failing to do.

      Comment by bill h | August 2, 2017 | Reply

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