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The RCP/LM reaches the East Midlands

Up to now the RCP/LM has been mostly confined to London, with outposts in Edinburgh and Manchester, which given the sect’s targetting of the chattering classes and the media world is unsurprising. Just recently, though, they’re reaching into the dark fastnesses of the East Midlands, where a Prof Dennis Hayes has inaugurated a “Salon“, a posh historical reference for an outlier of the sect.

Hayes is unfamiliar to RCP Watch, and we did wonder if he was a new convert to the cause but he looks a bit too old and wizened for the sect which prefers bright young things like Ben Pile and James Panton. Wrinkly recruits aren’t worth investing effort into as they’ll soon retire and/or die off. However, it turns out, from the credits of one of Hayes’ many articles for Spiked [1], that he was once “head of the centre for professional education at Canterbury Christchurch University”, which reveals the connection as The Dear Leader, Uncle Frank Furedi, is of course Professor at the University of Kent at Canterbury, so they’d have been old muckers.A bit of a comedown for Hayes to go from a 3rd- to a 4th-rate university, but needs must in tight times, one supposes.

The announcement of the “Salon” includes the following chuckleworthy statement:

“Salons have attracted many progressive thinkers including Frank Furedi, Kenan Malik, Austin Williams, Jeremy Taylor, Helene Guldberg and James Woudhuysen.”

All of whom are RCP/LM stalwarts, so that nails the sects colours to the East Midlands mast. (Could you not think of any non-RCP names, Dennis?) The inaugural meeting will be on the 26th January in case anyone wants to see “progressive thinkers” in the flesh. Other names to watch out for are helpfully mentioned in the event announcement:

“The East Midlands Salon is the brainchild of University of Derby Education expert Professor Dennis Hayes, Dr Vanessa Pupavac from the University of Nottingham and a third organiser Ciaran Guilfoyle”

Guilfoyle‘s been involved in the IoI’s Culture Wars and Battle of Ideas evénements and studied Philosophy at Nottingham Uni, so an experienced RCP/LM hack. Vanessa Pupavac, though, is an unlikely sect adherent as her Uni of Nottingham staff page describes her thus:

“Dr Vanessa Pupavac is a lecturer in International Relations at the University of Nottingham. She has previously worked for the UN Criminal Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia and other international organisations.”

RCP Watch wonders whether she’s aware that she’s been working with a group that “unconditionally supported” the Milosevic and Karadzic regimes during the Balkan Wars of the early 90s, and one of whose more aggressive Usenet propagandists baldly stated that “Srebrenica never happened”.  And, of course, LM itself was defeated in libel court for having effectively claimed, via an article by Robert Deichmann, that photos of Serb concentration camps were faked. Perhaps she’s unaware of the historical continuity of the Institute of Ideas with the LM and RCP.

[1] Would you like relish with that A Level? Dennis Hayes, Spiked Online, 29/3/08


As a ‘PS’ to this post, the East Midlands ‘Salon’ is pushing the boat out with a meeting on the 23rd February at a posh hotel in Nottingham’s swanky Lace Market, featuring a Professor James Woudhuysen, described as  “Professor of Forecasting and Innovation” (not an academic discipline that RCP Watch has heard of) at De Montfort University but who is also a prolific author for Spiked Online. This time punters are asked to shell out a fiver for the privilege. Details on the “Salon” Facebook page.


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  1. It took you six weeks to come up that piece of googling?! Probably got it from a Frank Furedi google news alert.

    The RCP, which disbanded in 1996/7 but is forever banged on about at this site, had branches in Nottingham and Leicester, to recall but two East Midlands locations. You can work some of this out – and some cities other than Edinburgh, Manchester and London – by looking at public record e.g. electoral results. Conveniently for you, these are kept online.

    And if you’re going to expose “Robert Deichmann”, at least get his name right. That way it might show up in a search engine, and you can stay glued to your computer screen. Homebodies of the world, go out! You have nothing to lose but your bedsores.

    Comment by Deichmann Robertson | January 19, 2010 | Reply

  2. Thank you RCP LM watch! I have been trying to track down definitive evidence that the RCP unconditionally supported Milosivic and claimed Srebenica never happened for some time. I’ve never been able to find quotes like that. Now I can point people to this post. That should shut them up!

    Comment by Fellow watcher | January 20, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’m not sure who is sadder,the idiot who is behind this site – just get a life – or fellow watcher.

    Just because this stalking site states the ‘group’ “unconditionally supported” the Milosevic and Karadzic regimes during the Balkan Wars, then it must be true…..

    Find a quote, big hint, you won’t be able too, as it’s not true.

    As well as being unable to get peoples names right, you just make stuff up. Is that because there is nothing to say?

    Comment by Are | January 21, 2010 | Reply

    • Thanks for the provocation. Some quotes to chew on. More can be provided.

      They were adding to the chauvinism, propaganda and demonisation that justified the presence of the West. The character of Milosevic regime is utterly irrelevant: the issue is that the West and your government has no RIGHT to be there. And you have no MORAL right to whine about what the Serbian government was and was not doing. Also, when push comes to shove, those who oppose oppression MUST support military victory for Serbia against foreign intervention.

      Poster: Gary Dale
      Newsgroup(s): alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
      Date: Nov 13 1998
      Thread: Re: Nationalism:Its significance.

      Which graves? Where are they? Why, despite all the claims of
      massacres in Srebrenica, has nobody been able to find the bodies? Why
      do witnesses that claim to have seen the massacres give contradictory
      accounts? Why did the Dutch troops based in the town testify that they
      saw no massacres? Why did two successive UN reports not find any
      evidence to support the claims? Why have the army of Western
      journalists that have reported from the region not been able find any
      evidence either?

      Because it never happened.

      Poster: Denzil Morgan [aka Justin Flude]
      Newsgroup(s): alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
      Date: Nov 18 1999
      Thread: Re: ICRC says Srebrinica did happen, Serbs are disobliging

      Do you back Serbia unconditionally against the West or not? Yes or no?

      Poster: Big Mac
      Newsgroup(s): alt.politics.socialism.trotsky
      Date: June 15 1998
      Thread: Nationalism:Its significance.

      Denzil Morgan and Big Mac were two of the very many handles used by Justin Flude, RCP supporter and Usenet spokesperson for the sect together with the indefatigable Gary Dale. Flude’s post headers contained the IP address of his machine at his place of work (Xara), so despite his many aliases the posts can be directly traced to him. Both Dale and Flude were tight with the sect and their postings undoubtedly represented the party line, even though by that time the RCP had officially disbanded and morphed into LM so there wasn’t supposed to be a ‘party line’.

      Comment by rcpwatch | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  4. Dear me, you are truly crazy, “Both Dale and Flude were tight with the sect”

    What planet are you on?

    Where in any RCP/LM written material, speeches, newspaper quotes etc etc, does it go anywhere near providing proof of the bollocks you write here?

    Who are these two individuals anyway?

    What a waste of time and space you are.

    What a pathetic way to spend ones time.


    Comment by Are | January 22, 2010 | Reply

    • Dale and Flude were the RCP’s Usenet ‘gruesome twosome’ and were extremely active on newsgroups throughout the 90s. From their posts about the RCP they had detailed knowledge of the sect’s policies and procedures, and personal contact with the bigwigs, including the Dear Leader. There would be no difficulty at all in proving that they were RCP ‘supporters’ (what other parties would call ‘committed members’, given that ‘supporters’ had to tithe part of their salaries to the party and put in minimum weekly hours on party activities), and indeed they’d not have denied it themselves. They were party cadre.

      As well as the gruesome twosome, many other supporters, and the occasional member, posted to Usenet. Adam Hibbert, Duleep Allirajah, and James Heartfield come immediately to mind. They were all plainly following the same hymn sheet, and there’s no way that they’d post anything that wasn’t party policy. Which is what you’d expect of supporters of a tight-knit vanguardist Trotskyist sect.

      “Where in any RCP/LM written material, speeches, newspaper quotes etc etc, does it go anywhere near providing proof of the bollocks you write here?”

      LM magazine was ostensibly neutral in the Balkan Wars of the 90s, declaring that it supported no side but simply opposed Western intervention. However, no-one who read LMs articles and public pronouncements could be in any doubt that the magazine was heavily biassed, to put it mildly, in favour of the Serbian forces. LM routinely rubbished anti-Serb stories, particularly atrocity reports, but uncritically printed pro-Serb material, which led to LM’s downfall when it printed Thomas Deichmann’s claim that photos of Serb concentration camps were faked (Wikipedia: Living Marxism). LM was so pro-Serb that some wondered if it was being funded by Serb interests, a claim for which there’s never been any proof. The RCP/LM “unconditionally” supported the Serb forces as a matter of Leninist ideology. It was this unconditional support that the sect’s Usenet activists pushed repeatedly and consistently.

      “What a waste of time and space you are. ”

      Which doesn’t reflect well on your assiduous following of this blog.

      Comment by rcpwatch | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  5. Your headline says “The RCP/LM reaches the East Midlands”, although there were RCP branches in the East Midlands in the mid-1980s. If the RCP still exists today, as you keep insisting, your headline is wrong and there’s little basis for the story on your blog (union’s ex-president moves house). If the RCP does not exist today, then the blog title and its key assumption is a lie.

    Comment by Goldie Lookin' Chain | January 22, 2010 | Reply

  6. If RCP was 1980’s and LM was 1990’s, what do we call them now? Tories? Twats (their favourite word)?. I quite like Spikies myself.

    Comment by Concerned citizen | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  7. […] RCPwatch, looks less than detached […]

    Pingback by Battle of Ideas, is the Revolutionary Communist Party the vanguard? « Norwegian Affairs | November 6, 2010 | Reply

  8. I have had personal experience of Woodhuysen, whom I found a bit weird and Williams, who wound me up and whom I found aggressive and irrational. It took me a while to realise something peculiar was up – not that long – and I’m now enjoying reading a bit about this peculiar lot. While being remarkably confused about what drives them! I think that is one of the reasons that the posters above are able to get away with denying they exist. Right-thinkers just can’t quite understand what the point is. I suppose it’s a personality cult as mentioned…?
    I’m not a politico and certainly am pretty clueless about hardcore Communism. So I’m rather confused as to how the ideas I heard so much of in my brief time naively flirting with a bunch of weirdos – the “therapeutic society,” climate change rubbishing, the importance of progress over everything else – link to them. This all seems more like Daily Mail / Spectatory / Torgraphy wishful thinking to me. Where is talk of capital, class and the Machine? I don’t get it.

    Comment by Michael Willoughby | October 28, 2012 | Reply

    • The RCP/LMs journey from vanguardist Leninist Trotskyite sect to vanguardist Leninist Right libertarian sect is a long and curious one, and is pretty much down to the changing views of its leader, Frank Furedi, with able assistance from his old RCP muckers, such as James Heartfield, Duleep Allirajah and Kenan Malik. Marxists who whizz rapidly to the Right are plentiful, but organisations taking the same path are rare.

      In an article entitled Farewell Living Marxism, the author – Eddie Ford, ex-RCP member – writes:

      The enigma that was the RCP and is now LM/IoI is not so hard to fathom. Once you abandon the working class as an agency of social change and revolution, there are only two courses available to you. Either you promulgate an elitist, top-down socialism in which the masses are guided by Great Leaders and Thinkers – or you just abandon the socialist project itself, in all its manifestations and guises. This appears to be the option favoured by Mick Hume and co.

      That has it in a nutshell. After the Soviet empire collapsed, Furedi and his inner circle took the view that socialism as a project was dead for the foreseeable future, and that the working class was dead as a political agent of change, and decided to become an extreme humanist sect, focussing obsessively on “unrestricted material progress” as the only progressive future for society. It also decided to openly declare warfare on the Left as a whole, though many who had experience of its many fronts in its Trotskyite days would argue forcefully that it had always loathed and actively sabotaged the Left.

      Another enlightening article on the sect by a Communist who became a RCP insider, and who remains not unsympathetic to the sect’s ends if not its means, is Don Milligan’sRadical Amnesia and the Revolutionary Communist Party” (PDF). In his view:

      The objective of the RCP’s leadership was the seizure of power and the refashioning of society by
      social forces and organisations, which they would seek to ride and direct in the turbulent chaos of
      revolutionary upheaval. This was their only illusion, the illusion that animated them. Consequently, when it
      became abundantly clear that the working class had disappeared as a political entity and the prospects for
      Bolshevism were precisely zero it was necessary for them to seek a way of reengaging with bourgeois

      And before the sect followers who follow this blog slag him off for being an embittered ex-member, the article goes on to rubbish conspiracy theories of the sect:

      Consequently, there is no need for the hostility and conspiratorial accounts of lobbywatch.org and
      others. The post-Bolshevik networks, which have given rise to Spiked Online and the Institute of Ideas
      are merely part of the commentariat. Their ‘sect-like’ behaviour and loyalties are rooted in shared interests
      and beliefs and in the common pursuit of self-interest. There is nothing sinister about this. They are only
      remarkable in being ex-Bolsheviks and in employing the organising skills honed over many years of
      conjuring something out of nothing.

      Which makes his considered insider critique of the sect all the more powerful.

      The Powerbase Bibliography is a pretty comprehensive list of writings by and about the sect, pro, anti and just plain bemused.

      The sect isn’t Right-wing in the “Daily Mail / Spectator / Torygraph” sense, as the ideology that those organs share is reactionary conservatism which seeks to turn the clock back by authoritarian means. The RCP/LM is a Right libertarian progressive organisation which believes in unfettered freedom of speech in all contexts, the removal of all barriers to “material human progress” (hence its rabid loathing of all forms of Greenery), freedom of movement, and complete freedom of action for ‘progressive’ capitalist corporations (eg Monsanto). It’s a kissing cousin of the libertarian New Right that emerged in the Thatcherite 80s.

      Comment by rcpwatch | November 8, 2012 | Reply

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