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Another Moral Maze double act

Yep, not content with getting Fox and Malik on Radio 4’s Moral Maze as regular questioners (and frequent RCP/LM members/followers on as ‘witnesses’, including the Dear Leader himself), the sect has now got a third interrogator on the programme. Step forward James Panton, most (in)famous for his robust defence of animal experimentation and the eminence grise (“co-founder”, even) behind the reactive group Pro-Test – see the earlier post “RCP/LM at Oxford University“. He’ll be appearing on tonight’s Moral Maze on “net-based protest” with Kenan Malik, though without Claire “Her Master’s Voice” Fox for a change, and it’ll be interesting to see if Malik and Panton acknowledge each other as comrades/colleagues. Almost certainly not going by previous experience, as Malik and Fox have never, to RCP Watch’s knowledge, acknowledged each other as close comrades going back over two decades, so it’s doubtful that Malik will nod to his arriviste colleague Panton.

All we need now is for Fox to reappear with Malik and Panton and we’ll have 3 of a kind on the programme, leaving just one place for a full takeover of the Moral Maze. Will the RCP/LM try to slip another member in, or would that be too brazen even for them? Time will tell.

Quite what the MM producers are thinking is a mystery. Everyone and their uncle in the metropolitan meedja world knows of the RCP/LM and their members and tactics, not least because they’re guaranteed contrarians – if you want a wind-up merchant on your programme to generate controversy, the RCP/LM is an immediate goto, and they always produce the goods. Yet the MM producers have now allowed 3 RCPers to appear as interrogators, which begs the question: do they know what they’re doing, and if so do they give a monkey’s? The charitable answers would be no and yes, but chances are it’s vice versa.

Does it matter if a secretive authoritarian entryist sect takes over a crappy Radio 4 programme hardly noted for its intellectual rigour (any programme that has that reactionary thicket Melanie Phillips on has no claim to be highbrow)? Well, it is a primetime programme broadcasting to the very chattering ABC1 classes, aka ‘commentariat’, that the RCP/LM sees as its prime audience and recruiting ground, so it matters in that sense. And if you consider dishonesty and duplicity to be moral problems, it matters in that sense as well. If you’re a world-weary cynic then you’ll likely think ‘what the f*ck’ and ignore it, which might be the best move – who knows?


Moral Maze on the BBC website


James Panton staff page at St Johns College, Oxford University (with mugshot – tough lookin’ cuss, ain’t he?)

James Panton hagiography on the Battle of Ideas website

Shiraz Socialist blog: RCP hegemonise the Moral Maze


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  1. You’ve been a bit quiet of late. You must be delighted about this. What you should do is get in touch with anyone remotely connected to the programme and share your insights. That way, you could at least get some kind of publicity for your highly principled efforts to kick-start a new McCarthyism. My only advice would be to ensure that the vetting is applied across the board. So, if more than two members of a panel on any public forum are members (or who have ever been members) of the same organisation they should be exposed. And remember to warn people to ignore the merit of what any one individual might say – intelligent, reasonable critically acclaimed ‘interlopers’ are the most dangerous kind!

    Good luck! You’re bound to win support for your campaign. (What you expect the producers at The Moral Maze to actually do about is a mere detail.)

    Meanwhile, back on planet earth, I can only say I’m sitting here feeling rather sorry for you.

    P.S. What do you do when you agree with something that you’ve read at Spiked et al.? Have a shower?

    Comment by Pod | November 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. LMAO!! Listening to MM on ‘listen again’ the now and guess who’s the first guest? None other than Brendan “Rotweiler” O’Neill, editor of Spiked! So that’s 2 panellists and the first guest from the RCP/LM, and do they acknowledge each other? Is the Pope a Moonie? Even though yer man Panton has a number of articles published on the Spiked site.

    Say what you like about the sect, but it sure has chutzpah in large amounts.

    Comment by rcpwatch | November 5, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh they acknowledged each other alright. You just don’t know the secret code words.

      Comment by Qubic | November 6, 2009 | Reply

      • Christ, I hope you’re joking. Presumably, when Malik was taking O’Neill up on the issue of a ‘herd mentality’ it was of the order of a coded, Masonic handshake.

        That aside, there’s no doubt that if I was a researcher or producer at a show like this I’d take every chance to get ‘Spikers’ as guests, just I trust that anyone else in that position would do their best to get people on ‘the same page’ as them.

        You should ask Nick Cohen how ‘appalled’ he was to be there, or perhaps if accepting an invitation was a tacit endorsement of the sinister ‘conspiracy’ you’ve dreamt up. Maybe that’s what a ‘sell-out’ passes for these days. No Platform!, etc…zzzzzz.

        Comment by Pod | November 6, 2009

  3. […] also an earlier post on the RCP/LM’s takeover of the Moral Maze. Like this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

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